Ravenswood Cares

Ravenswood is passionate about giving back to the community and helping organizations whose goal is to enrich the lives of others. We have seen firsthand the benefits to the community and applaud our employees when they engage with charitable organizations. Some of the organizations and causes our organization and employees support include Wounded Warriors, Team Rubicon, Camaraderie Foundation, Second Harvest Foodbank, public access trail clean up and repair, cancer awareness, Special Olympics and homeless outreach programs to name a few.

Fighting Climate Change

Ravenswood strives to create eco-friendly practices that have direct positive impacts within the communities where we are located. These practices start early as we actively looks for ways to reduce our carbon footprint by identifying efficiencies during the design process. We also utilize recyclable materials for packaging and shipping, keeping in mind the negative impacts single-use items have on our landfills. Additional ways Ravenswood has employed to reduce emissions in our communities:

[DRAFT Carbon Reduction Plan for Ravenswood Technologies UK, Ltd – Sep 2023]

Combating Inequality In the Workforce

Throughout our history, Team Ravenswood has demonstrated a commitment to tackling inequality in the workforce everywhere we operate. Drawing on the core values of our non-profit parent company, SRI International, we foster an inclusive working environment that values diverse identities, perspectives, and experiences. We strive to create a space where all have a sense of belonging, respect, and equitable opportunities for success, underscored by commitments to transparency and continuous improvement. We focus on providing training opportunities for under-represented groups to enter the workforce and to further develop the skills needed to advance in their careers and we are ramping up efforts and resources to combat modern slavery throughout our supply chain and in the communities in which we serve.

Recruiting Tools. Team Ravenswood uses a skill-based assessment tool called coderpad.io to interview software engineers. This platform enables the interviewee to work through sample coding problems in real-time with the interview team, who can observe and evaluate problem solving skills as the candidate works through the solution. The interview team can then ask questions and provide feedback to see how the candidate handles feedback and collaboration. This platform provides objective performance assessment, which in turn helps to combat any systemic bias that may exist. The team-based interview approach also helps in this regard (mitigates the impact of individual bias and background).

Continuous Improvement

Employees complete a survey annually to provide feedback to corporate leadership about their experience at Ravenswood. The survey results are evaluated, and changes made where necessary. In addition, our HR Director regularly engages with employees to hear any concerns they may have. Our ISO 9001:2015 accredited Quality Management System (QMS) provides us with a framework for improving all processes, not just HR-related ones. We hold a management review twice per year to analyze and discuss metrics across our QMS. Where a policy or process is lacking, our Quality Manager recommends changes through our corrective action management system.