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We work for you. Ravenswood Solutions strives to provide the best combination of capability and price, tailored to your schedule, requirements, and budget. Whether your project involves planning, design, operations, or sustainment, you are involved in each step to guide the solution. Our operating principles include:


We Come to You

We have deployed the Mobile Ground Truth System in 26 locations worldwide in support of more than 182,000 personnel and we are standing by to support your operations, wherever they may be.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are Ravenswood’s capabilities regarding instrumented live training for military forces and security forces?

The Ravenswood-developed Mobile Ground Truth System (MGTS) is a rapidly deployable, GPS-based, ruggedly extensible, instrumented live training system. It tracks vehicles and participants at the individual level, allowing exercise leaders to monitor events in real time and replay scenarios in instrumented after-action reviews (I-AARs). MGTS can be scaled your specific needs, no matter the size or level. The system’s state-of-the-art exercise control software, known as ORION, is capable of integrating any sensor inputs across live, virtual, and constructive domains.

MGTS is based on, and fully interoperable with, the FlexTrain live instrumented training system that Ravenswood developed in support of the Army National Guard.

2. How do you drive innovation to develop new capabilities?

Ravenswood’s engineering staff manages the full life cycle of products and services: research and development, prototyping, testing, deployment, operations, and sustainment. Our team operates as a closed loop in which the field and sustainment teams help drive requirements through close contact with our client base. Feedback from the field is communicated to our product development team and incorporated into new designs. This loop allows us to quickly field new solutions.

Our product development team has access to emerging technologies and talented engineers, keeping Ravenswood on the leading edge of innovation and industry trends as we work with our clients to anticipate and address future field requirements.

3. For training events, how do you achieve realistic environments over a range of terrains while ensuring the required instrumentation is in place?

For each client, we engage in the exercise planning process to ensure we understand the commander’s training objectives. We incorporate these desired outcomes into our work building realistic scenarios that require the training participants to react as they would in a real environment. As part of the scenario build, we model and analyze the terrain to ensure the instrumentation and training are optimally located to provide the highest quality feedback.

4. How do your systems support post-exercise performance assessment?

The MGTS includes a near-real-time I-AAR capability with 3D playback. The I-AAR includes geo-referenced and time-synchronized video, provides easily understood feedback, and is ready within minutes of scenario completion.

Ravenswood is currently pioneering automated performance assessment, whereby the system evaluates the training based on preprogrammed objectives. The system can flag key events so that during an AAR, the training unit can review not only what they did, but also, potentially, what they should have done.

5. Training exercises require an enormous amount of organization and planning. How do you support customers to achieve a successful event?

For many customers, Ravenswood supports the event from beginning to end. We bring the required equipment, subject matter experts, and battlefield immersion and effects, such as cultural role players and simulated weapons effects. We also manage logistics to allow training leadership to focus on the event itself.

6. What do your test and evaluation services involve?

For test and evaluation events, we provide a data-aggregating ground truth system so customers can analyze their tests based on objective, reliable, high-fidelity data, rather than subjective observation. If a client needed to assess the geographic range at which a vehicle might perform, the MGTS could track and analyze exact distances, what type of terrain the vehicle traversed, and the timing of critical mechanical or situational events.

7. What regulatory and industry standard certifications does Ravenswood have?

Ravenswood holds a Certificate of Compliance for the Cyber Essentials Plus Scheme.

Ravenswood has achieved certification to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2015 Quality Management System, reflecting the company’s long-term commitment to quality, transparency, and customer satisfaction.  ISO 9001 is the most widely used quality management standard and has recently been updated to better reflect modern business challenges. Last modified in 2008, the new 2015 version of ISO 9001 is the result of input from business and technical experts around the world. The program requires greater involvement of senior management, broader understanding of supply chains, and increased focus on stakeholder expectations.