Customer-Driven Business Model


A Focus on Training and Performance Outcomes



Bottom line: We work for you. Ravenswood Solutions strives to provide the best combination of capability and price, tailored to your schedule, requirements, and budget. Whether your project involves planning, design, operations, or sustainment, you are involved in each step to guide the solution. Below are other operating principles that continue to benefit our customers:

  • Minimize product lifecycle cost by planning for innovation and expansion rather than obsolescence
  • Operate as a closed loop to accelerate product delivery, then iteratively harden the system with each use
  • Manage service costs through a flexible staffing model designed to rapidly and efficiently scale for short periods in any location

We Come to You

We have deployed the FlexTrain system in more than 32 customer locations across the continental United States, in support of more than 82,000 personnel. We are standing by to support your operations, wherever they may be.

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1. What are Ravenswood’s capabilities with regards to instrumented live training (ILT) for military ground forces and security forces?

Ravenswood Solutions has developed the FlexTrain system, a rapidly deployable, GPS-based mobile/exportable instrumented live training system, primarily used to support platoon-to-brigade-sized training. The system tracks
vehicles and participants to the individual level, allowing unit leaders to monitor events in real time and replay scenarios in instrumented after-action reviews. This includes facilities for military operations in urban terrain, known as MOUT.

The system can be scaled to the needs of the client, no matter the size or level. The software heart of our system, Orion, is a state-of-the-art exercise control platform capable of integrating any number of sensor inputs, across the live-synthetic domains.

2. How do you achieve realistic environments over a range of terrains while ensuring the required instrumentation is in place?

For each client, we engage in a thorough planning process with the unit leadership to ensure we understand the goals of the training event. We use these desired outcomes to build realistic scenarios that put the training audience in situations requiring them to react as they would in a real environment.

During the training, we assist in evaluating the unit and can increase the difficulty as necessary in order to meet the leadership’s learning objectives. As part of the scenario build, we model and analyze the terrain to ensure the instrumentation and training are optimally located to provide the highest-quality feedback.

3. How do your systems support post-exercise performance assessment?

FlexTrain has a number of features that enhance learning. It includes near-real-time after-action review (AAR) capability for a full 3D playback of the event, which can be displayed on-site throughout the training. The interactive AAR, which includes geo-registered and time-syncronized video, allows the training audience to get immediate, easily understandable feedback on how they performed within minutes of completing a scenario.

The second feature we have been working on is automated performance assessment, whereby the system evaluates the training based on preprogrammed objectives. The system can flag key events so that during an AAR, the training unit can see not only what they did, but also, potentially, what they should have done.

4. Training exercises require an enormous amount of organization and planning. How do you support customers to achieve a successful event?

Ravenswood Solutions strives to provide the best combination of capability and price, tailored to our clients’ schedules, budgets and training outcome desires. For many customers, we support the event from beginning to end. We show up with the equipment, subject matter experts and tailorable scenarios to help them achieve their training goals. We then provide the support necessary to facilitate a high-quality training event, including ‘atmospherics’ such as role players and simulated IEDs that make the training realistic.

And when it’s complete, we pack everything up. This allows the training leadership to focus simply on their unit getting the most out of the event.

5. What do your test and evaluation services involve?

In our test and evaluation (T&E) events, we provide a truth system so that customers can analyse their tests based on what really happened in the exercise, rather than what people think they saw. This is a valuable resource for system evaluations as well as tactical evaluations. FlexTrain provides T&E customers with reliable, high-fidelity data capture and playback capability to ensure they have real data for their analysis. For example, if a client needed to assess the range at which a system under test might perform, it can use the FlexTrain system to track and analyze exactly how much ground it covered, what type of terrain it went through and the timing of critical events.

6. How do you drive innovation to develop new capabilities?

Ravenswood Solutions’ engineering staff deals with the full life cycle of products and services, comprising R&D, prototyping, testing, deployment and operations, and sustainment. Our team operates as a closed loop in which the field and sustainment teams help to drive requirements (through close contact with our client base) and support product development. At the same time, our product-development team is located in Silicon Valley and has access to emerging technologies. This loop allows us to quickly integrate new technologies and get them to the field.

Ravenswood’s processes keep our systems at the forefront of current industry trends, and we work with our clients to address future field requirements.


New Challenges

Our experience, people, and access to world-class R&D are quickly making Ravenswood Solutions the leader in instrumented training. As we continue to become the Warfighter’s first choice for live collective training, we are expanding our core technologies and services into more domains, both at home and abroad.

Contact us to discuss how Ravenswood Solutions can support your mission.