Fremont, Calif. (November 14, 2017)- Throughout the week following the Thanksgiving holiday, Ravenswood Solutions will highlight technologies and services that aid military leaders and first responders in objective performance assessment and provide best-in-class results-based training, testing, assessment and operational support.

Ravenswood Solutions is the trusted provider of instrumented training for the Army National Guard’s eXportable Combat Training Capability (XCTC).  In 2017 alone, 17,140 soldiers were trained using FlexTrain, an application of Ravenwood Solutions’ Mobile Ground Truth System.  In an unprecedented exhibit of logistical strength, Ravenswood instrumented four simultaneous exercises nationwide. Year after year, Ravenswood delivers cutting edge technology and continues to equip the Army National Guard with unrivaled training.

To learn more about Ravenswood Solutions’ Mobile Ground Truth System, view a demonstration of Ravenswood’s ORION software suite, or to set up a private consultation, please visit booth 1058 in the South Concourse of the Orange County Convention Center, Monday, November 27th through Friday, December 1st, or contact Communications Manager, Katie Whichard, at