Fremont, Calif. (November 20, 2017) –  Ravenswood Solutions and Lockheed Martin U.K. demonstrated new augmented reality technology designed to enhance training for forward observers, October 18th, at Defence Training Estate Salisbury Plain, U.K.  The demonstration connected Ravenswood’s Mobile Ground Truth System (MGTS) with Lockheed’s Joint Fire Training Simulator to combine virtual entities with reality in a 3D common operational picture. The augmented reality technology, originally developed by SRI International, provides forward observers the ability to see virtual opposing forces through virtual reality goggles and zoom in using simulated binoculars.


Using Augmented Reality technology developed by their parent company, SRI International, Ravenswood Solutions is pioneering Augmented Reality Training for Observers (ARTO) field applications that will harden the combat training system for repeated field use.


This technology can be used anywhere in the world and substantially lowers training costs by simulating vehicles, aircraft and munitions. Due to the expense of using real vehicles and munitions, this type of training was typically only available once a year and in specialized locations. Now, with this technology, the military can train wherever and whenever they want.


In terms of training Fires Observers and Tactical Air Controllers, Augmented Reality Training for Observers (ARTO) is invaluable.  Deployed to actual ranges, in austere conditions, operators can hone their skills in calling for Close Air Support (CAS), artillery, or naval gunfire, and Casualty Evacuation (CASEVAC), when air assets, artillery, targets, or munitions are unavailable or their use is cost-prohibitive.  Bypassing legacy training’s requirement for actual ammunition, the training can be used on non-traditional ranges, such as an actual urban metropolis or a no-fly zone.  With multiple iterations, Fires Observers exponentially increase proficiency with each evolution.  Troops who once trained annually can practice regularly and troops who are not specialized Fires Observers or Controllers will be able to train for incidental fire support.  Finally, ARTO conserves financial and environmental resources while contributing to a safer, controlled training environment.



About Ravenswood Solutions


Ravenswood Solutions, a subsidiary of SRI International, provides government agencies and commercial clients with technology and services for combat training, test and evaluation of vehicles and equipment, and policy analysis events. Field-proven packages include high-fidelity instrumentation, advanced global positioning and 3D mapping, realistic training effects, and turn-key support services that are customized for each client.


Ravenswood Solutions leverages more than 20 years of experience in technology insertion, training support, and sustainment services. This heritage of world-class technology and dedication to customers has made Ravenswood Solutions the leading provider of mobile instrumented training and performance assessment for military ground troops and other security forces, while opening the door for industries such as civil response, logistics, and behavioral research to explore new applications for the technology.


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