Fremont, Calif. (October 5, 2017) – Ravenswood Solutions wrote a check to Team Rubicon, a veteran-led disaster response organization, after a month-long campaign during which employees made donations to the nonprofit organization via a private webpage, Wednesday.  In early September, Ravenswood CEO Dan Donoghue announced that Ravenswood Solutions would match employee donations dollar-for-dollar during the month of September.   The corporate match brought the final donation to $7,608.


Ravenswood Solutions boasts fewer than 130 employees, many of whom are former military or members of the National Guard.

“With some of our remote employees directly affected by the storms and our cadre of patriotic leaders at Ravenswood, we knew our money would be best spent if donated to Team Rubicon,” said Donoghue.


The donations were in the spirit of one of Team Rubicon’s founders, Clay Hunt, “Inaction is not an option.”

“Every donation or every new volunteer sign up makes a positive impact on the communities we serve,” said Jake Wood, co-founder and CEO of Team Rubicon.  “The support from organizations like Ravenswood Solutions that share the same values allow Team Rubicon to extend its reach just a little further and for that we are thankful.”

Using the skills of military veterans and first responders, Team Rubicon has already completed much-needed relief to homeowners affected by the recent storms.   In just the Hurricane Harvey response, Operation Hard Hustle, 1,270 volunteers have logged over 48,620 ours and contributed $1,338,949 of value to the Houston community.

To sign up to volunteer with Team Rubicon, please visit


Ravenswood Solutions employee and Team Rubicon volunteer Katie Whichard assists with disaster relief efforts.