Ravenswood Solutions rents over 120,000 square feet of space near Boise International Airport.



Fremont, Calif. (March 25, 2019) – Military training instrumentation leader Ravenswood Solutions today announced it will be relocating the bulk of its operation from Fremont, California to Boise, Idaho in May of 2019.


Ravenswood will better serve its largest client, the Army National Guard, at the nearby Orchard Combat Training Center by moving the products and services operation center to Boise.  Live exercise support and sustainment activity will occur in this centralized hub.  Ravenswood headquarters will remain in Fremont.  As Ravenswood lowers operating costs, existing customers will realize savings and Ravenswood will expand its business to new clients in need of industry-leading technology and training services.


“This move represents a huge step for us,” said Patrick Young, Business Operations Manager for Ravenswood, “I believe everyone on board is excited about the opportunity in Boise.” Bob Pidgeon, Director of Live Exercises at Ravenswood added, “As with everything we do, we take into consideration the best interest of our customers.  This move will provide the Army National Guard with better access to our services and at a reduced cost.”