The companies are entering an agreement to further enhance their collaboration to meet the requirements of unique military and homeland security customers.



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Fremont and San Jose, Calif. (March 6, 2019) – Ravenswood Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of turnkey military training and operational testing instrumentation systems, and GDM Electronic & Medical, LLC, an AS9100 registered contract manufacturing firm servicing the high-tech industry since 1983, today announced a strategic partnership that will more directly relate the technology design, manufacture and fielding processes for state-of-the-art instrumentation systems hardware.

Ravenswood and GDM have worked together for the last 15 years coupling Ravenswood’s product development and Mobile Ground Truth System (FlexTrain) exercise support with GDM’s quality manufacturing of Ravenswood’s signature product, the GPS and radio-based FREDI-2 tracking device. The result has been a history of unbroken success for the National Guard’s eXportable Combat Training Capability (XCTC) program and various other high-tech military and homeland security evolutions worldwide. The teaming agreement will allow Ravenswood and GDM to approach current and new clients with customized best-in-class products.

With the defense industry’s recent focus on the supply chain security, Ravenswood’s choice of US-based manufacturer is a smart move. In a 2018 report to President Donald Trump, the Interagency Task Force in Fulfillment of Executive Order 13806 stated, “The defense manufacturing supply chain flows goods and critical supporting information through multiple organizations of varying size and sophistication to transform raw materials into components, subassemblies, and ultimately finished products and systems that meet DoD performance specifications and requirements. These supply chain operations rely on an infinite number of touch points where digital and physical information flows through multiple networks – both within and across many manufacturers’ systems. In today’s digitized world, every one of these supply chain touch points represents a potential product security risk.”

“Working with San Jose-based GDM to innovate and incorporate new technologies, we are able to mitigate risk to our customers and maintain the integrity of our products,” said Ravenswood Production and Training/Testing-as-a-Service Manager, Andrew Power.

“Our relationship with GDM has been a long, tried and true association that has ultimately been of significant benefit to our Army National Guard customer,” said Ravenswood CEO, Dan Donoghue. “The formalizing of this partnership with closer engineering and strategic planning ties will be of even greater benefit to a wider range of clients for both of us”.

“Our companies have enjoyed great success by working closely to rapidly develop and deploy complex systems that meet ever-evolving requirements,” added Grant Murphy, CEO of GDM. “I’m pleased our agreement enhances this model and broadens the services offered by both companies.”

Both Ravenswood and GDM’s corporate headquarters are conveniently located in the country’s technology epicenter, the San Francisco Bay Area. Ravenswood will provide engineering and other business support to GDM on non-Ravenswood ventures.

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About Ravenswood Solutions
Ravenswood Solutions, a subsidiary of SRI International, provides government agencies and commercial clients with technology and services for combat training, test and evaluation of vehicles and equipment, and policy analysis events. Field-proven packages include high-fidelity instrumentation, advanced global positioning and 3D mapping, realistic training effects, and turn-key support services that are customized for each client.
Ravenswood Solutions leverages more than 20 years of experience in technology insertion, training support, and sustainment services. This heritage of world-class technology and dedication to customers has made Ravenswood Solutions the leading provider of mobile instrumented training and performance assessment for military ground troops and other security forces, while opening the door for industries such as civil response, logistics, and behavioral research to explore new applications for the technology.

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About GDM, Electronic & Medical, LLC
GDM was established to provide best-in-class products and services to customers with exacting quality and delivery standards. GDM manufactures electronic systems for medical, military, robotic, automotive, and research applications and assists clients with design for manufacturing and documentation development support to insure compliance to specification and regulatory requirements. GDM has been recognized for outstanding services by the US Small Business Administration and the National Nuclear Security Administration. GDM maintains AS9100D:2015, ISO13485:2016, and ISO9001:2015 quality management systems and is FDA Registered.

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