Orlando, Florida (June 2023) – Ravenswood Solutions, Inc. (Ravenswood) has been selected to participate in the development of the GCV Direct Fire Tactical Engagement Simulation System (TESS) for STE LTS in coordination with the STRI Agile Acquisition response (STAAR) team of PEO-STRI on an Other Transaction Agreement (OTA) with Advanced Technology International (ATI) via TReX II.

The Ground Combat Vehicle Direct Fire TESS will leverage non-laser technology to enable GCVs to realistically replicate US weapon systems and OPFOR weapon effects as an augmentation to current VTESS systems.

“Ravenswood is excited to partner with PEO-STRI’s STAAR Team to develop a prototype solution that delivers more realistic training to the Warfighter” said Ravenswood CEO Kipp Peppel. “Ravenswood has a unique history of developing geo-pairing solutions to augment laser-based training systems. We are excited to bring this experience to bear on this important initiative.”

The Ravenswood product development team operates out of the University of Central Florida (UCF) Research Park Business Incubator in conjunction with Ravenswood HQ in Fremont, California. Mr. Peppel added “UCF has been an important and valuable partner in the expansion of our Orlando operations. We look forward to leveraging their excellent facilities and business network to execute the GCV OTA.”

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