Ravenswood Solutions combines synthetic elements with the real-world field of view.



Fremont, Calif. (August 21, 2019) – The Royal Netherlands Army Command has awarded Ravenswood Solutions (Ravenswood) a contract for a modular augmented reality tracking equipment for observers (MARTE-O) kit.

The MARTE-O kit is a power-efficient, conformal, and wearable design that includes a binocular module, head-mounted display, sensor and graphics modules, and a tablet to operate the system.  MARTE-O is Ravenswood’s solution to the challenge of training military forward observers in a safe, affordable, accessible, and sustainable fashion.  The augmented reality system was developed by Ravenswood, in partnership with SRI International and Lockheed Martin, for the Office of Naval Research on behalf of the US Marine Corps.

MARTE-O can be used anywhere in the world and substantially lowers training costs by simulating vehicles, aircraft and munitions. Augmented reality (AR) eliminates the boundaries of ranges, aircraft and munitions availability, and weather.  With AR, troops can train wherever and whenever is most convenient and accessible.  The MARTE-O kit is invaluable in terms of training fires observers and tactical air controllers.  Deployed to actual ranges in austere conditions, troops can hone their skills in calling for close air support (CAS), artillery, naval gunfire, and casualty evacuation (CASEVAC), when air assets, artillery, targets, or munitions are unavailable, or their use is cost-prohibitive.  Bypassing legacy training limitations of live fire, this training can be used on non-traditional ranges, such as an actual urban metropolis or a no-fly zone.

With multiple iterations, observers exponentially increase proficiency with each evolution. Troops who once trained annually can practice regularly, and troops who are not specialized Fires Observers or Controllers will be able to train for incidental fire support.  Finally, MARTE-O conserves financial and environmental resources while contributing to a safer, controlled training environment.


VIDEO: http://bit.ly/ModularAugmentedRealityTrackingEquipment-Observers