Laikipia, Kenya (Mar. 24, 2022) —  Ravenswood Technologies Kenya Limited (RTKL), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ravenswood Solutions, Inc., supports the British Army and Kenya Defence Forces in their training at the British Army Training Unit in Kenya (BATUK) by providing Training Simulation Services. This support includes training exercises on instrumentation, weapon simulators, battlefield effects, and instrumented after-action reviews (I-AARs).

Since its establishment, RTKL has been committed to accelerating and achieving gender parity and inclusivity by encouraging women to venture into Science, Technology, Engineering and
Mathematics. Recently, the Company undertook recruitment for various engineering positions and onboarded four ladies who comprised 45% of our new technical recruits. Traditionally, the Defence sector has been viewed as a male dominated sector and Ravenswood and RTKL is proud to challenge this stereotype by Breaking the Bias surrounding women working in the Defence field.

As the World celebrates the contribution of Women in the month of March, RTKL chooses to celebrate and welcome our new team members for being frontrunners in our field. We at Ravenswood support, advocate for and take the lead in acknowledging women who are great at what they do and whose contribution to Ravenswood is unmatched.

Let’s #BreakTheBias


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Ravenswood Technology Kenya Limited: Jonathan Cox, +254 706-716694,

Ravenswood Solutions, Inc: Naomi Atlas, +1 650.646.2895,

About Ravenswood Technologies Kenya Limited. Ravenswood Technologies Kenya Limited (RTKL) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ravenswood Solutions Inc. (Ravenswood), headquartered in Fremont, Calif., USA, is proud to offer an expeditionary instrumentation system that provides situational awareness and real-time casualty assessment for collective training, test and evaluation, experimentation, and operational command and control requirements. Our field teams support exercises and operations within Kenya and across Africa by providing turnkey logistics-and-technology packages, allowing operators to focus on the mission at hand, optimise resources, and exploit opportunities. Our field-proven, exercise control software suite is best-in-class for live and synthetic, distributed, interactive simulation. By leveraging 25 years of experience in technology insertion, training support, and sustainment services, this heritage of technology and dedication to customers has led the company to be the leading provider of mobile instrumented training and performance assessment for military ground troops and other security forces.

About Ravenswood Solutions, Inc. Ravenswood Solutions, Inc., a subsidiary of SRI International, enables world-class performance through exceptional technology and partnership. Born in Silicon Valley, Ravenswood specializes in rapidly delivering data collection, visualization, and analysis capabilities to your point and time of need, anywhere in the world. For more than 25 years, Ravenswood has successfully converted research to results and fielded scalable, modular solutions for training, testing, and operations across a variety of defense and commercial applications. Our expert team of geeks and grunts is dedicated to ensuring you achieve your goals in an efficient and cost-effective manner. At Ravenswood, we are committed to delivering on-time, on-budget, with unparalleled performance.