“TY20 execution was a nightmare that you can’t wake up from… due to the continually changing constraints and unpredictability of COVID-19. NGB TR absolutely appreciates the hard work and dedication of the Ravenswood team to ensure XCTC rotations could train if they were able within individual state COVID-19 restrictions, and the in-stride changes that all of the rotational directors and support teams [did] to make TY20 happen.”
— MAJ Forrest, XCTC PM NGB (2020)


“XCTC Rotation 20-05 was unlike any other rotation in recent history. Despite COVID—and due to the diligent commitment and dedication of Ravenswood Solutions—189 CATB, 1-87 IN, Camp Grayling, 3-238 GSAB, and Viking Leaders and Soldiers at AT 2020, 1-125 became the only Light Infantry Battalion in the National Guard to execute the planned, programmed, and resourced Combined Arms Training Strategy requirements. This resulted in 1-125 Infantry becoming the most ready National Guard Infantry Battalion in the cohort year group. This accomplishment is a result of flexibility of all supporting organizations, in spite of the restrictions, changes, and adjustments associated with COVID mitigation. This collective responsiveness and resourcefulness proved the National Guard can train and build readiness in a COVID operating environment.”
— LTC Michael D. Zultak
Commanding, 1-125 IN Regiment (37 IBCT/63 TC)
J/G33, MING/MIARNG (2020)


“COVID mitigation measures in the exercise support cell were followed throughout the exercise and ensured the virus did not spread.”
— LTC Bowe Averill CDR 2-357 IN, 189 CATB (2020)


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